Tips to improve Mathematical skills and logical thinking:-

Questions that students used to be asking too frequently related to improving Mathematical skills are;

  • How can I improve my Mathematical skills and logical thinking?
  • How can I get better at Maths?
  • How can I be good at Mathematical reasoning?
  • How can I improve my low grade in Maths?
  • Why do I have to struggle in Maths so much?

In this article, I have tried to answer these queries and have compiled suggestions that could help in improving mathematical skills and logical thinking. You can apply these tips to any mathematics concepts you’re learning.

Concentrate in understanding core concepts to improve Mathematical skills and logical reasoning:

You can memorize formulas and rules to unravel many math problems, but this doesn’t mean that you have simply understood or grabbed the core concepts behind what you’re doing. This makes it harder to successfully solve problems, also making it quite impossible to easily absorb new information.

For instance; simply learning derivative formulae and using them in solving relative problems isn’t enough at all, for improving mathematical skills in Differential Calculus you must know its geometrical interpretation before the numerical approach, which can cause you to realize how derivative calculates the instantaneous rate of change of any physical quantity.

Improving mathematical skills and logical thinking

Taking the time to make sure you understand why you’re doing what you’re doing can help your mathematical skills grow immensely and boost up your logical reasoning ability.

Approach New Concepts and Practice Problems to progress logical thinking:

Jumping directly into solving problems can lead to frustration and confusion. Try to study your textbook’s theory and obtain more math examples and concentrate on class lectures. You should also work on any practice problems your teachers assign before completing any assignments. This gives you a chance to absorb what you’re learning and helps to increase logical thinking and mathematical analysis.

Boost your Mathematical Skills by Solving Relative Exercises & Challenging Maths Questions:

Practice makes perfect, even with math. If you are struggling with a particular kind of problem, you can improve by working on solving additional problems. You can start out with simplified problems of an equivalent type, and move up in difficulty as you become easier with finding the solutions. Like, solve all topic-wise exercises then approach miscellaneous or review questions at the end, don’t forget to go over through the summary of the chapter at the end which contains the entire essence.

Mathematical skills and logical reasoning
Snapshot of my Differential Calculus Book’s chapter “Introduction to Differential Equations”

Brush Word Problems Skills:

Some students have a harder time than others with understanding math word problems. What you need to do is to read these problems with due focus and then try to sketch them in your notebook. Before this approach, it’s mandatory that you must read and understand the solved word problems.

how to improve maths skills and logical reasoning
Snapshot of one of the word problems on “Differential Equations”

Carefully reading the problem or being able to visualize it can give you the help you need to improve this math skill.

get more maths
Solution of the above question

Online Courses AU

Teach your friends and classmates in spare time:

The more you teach, the more you get enhanced, try to deliver concepts to your classmates and friends that you have understood and have poured your efforts in, organize group study schedules, make yourself stand up, and shower your fellow mates with the knowledge that you have gained, this strategy will further strengthen your foundation and will make you more saturated.

Study maths in group

Besides, when a group of minds gathers for the sake of learning, their curious consciousness raises more queries, and when you exercise in solving and exploring them you automatically cross levels of knowledge and thus improve your maths skills. Afterall;

“Learning gives creativity, creativity leads to thinking, thinking provides knowledge, and knowledge makes you great.”

Explore how Mathematics is used in practical Life:

Understanding why and how math is important can give you the motivation you need to keep applying yourself. Try to think of real-world examples where math is applied and consider what math concepts you would need to use in these conditions.

For example; Hyperbolas, one of the most beautiful forms of conics is standing in the roots of Navigation at sea LORAN (Long-range navigation) and Decca Systems in WWII, and also helps in locating enemy gun positions.

Long range navigation (LORAN), mathematical skills
Long-Range Navigation System (LORAN)

Well of course these days we have GPS and satellites, so this kind of location is now much simpler. But in fact, the basic principle that applies to explain how GPS works is similar to LORAN. Besides, enhancements in LORAN (E-LORAN) make it a possible substitute for scenarios where GPS is unavailable. Likewise, we have numerous examples that richly confirm the involvement of Mathematics in a day to day life, and thus, authenticates the importance and cruciality of this most stunning subject.

Study Online:

Checking out online study options is a great way to clear the Mathematics concepts you need. You can join “My Maths Club” for online group study and live lectures that deal with the mathematical concepts you’re learning in class. Also, you can watch our lectures on YouTube which are on IGCSE Mathematics, A-levels Mathematics, undergraduate Calculus & Analytic geometry, etc. There are several other online platforms that provide both free and paid online Maths courses which you can opt for as per your demand and suitability, here you go a few of them;

For more info read my article “Best 7 websites for online maths tuition in 2023”.

Benefits of studying Mathematics online at “My Maths Club”:

My Maths Club offers a remarkable virtual learning environment, where students get a definite chance to grab mathematical concepts in a genial cloud meeting ambiance. Tutor at “My Maths Club” equipped with all relevant tools and techniques and a mature teaching experience; is staunchly determined to nurture young learners with all exquisiteness of Mathematics. Here you go its mission and vision and testimonials.


In short, in order to improve mathematical skills and logical thinking or reasoning, one must follow the so-mentioned strategies;

  • Concentrate on understanding concepts
  • Approach new concepts and practice problems to improve logical thinking
  • Boost your Mathematical skills by solving relative exercises & challenging questions
  • Brush word problems skills
  • Teach your friends and classmates in your free time
  • Explore how Math is used in practical Life
  • Study Online

This will not only escalate academic performance but will also show remarkable outcomes in the long run as well.

If you find this article helpful please give your feedback in the comment section and also share it in your circle.

Peace & keep shining.

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