Live Mathematics Masterclasses! Every Friday & Sunday

Maximize Your Potential with Our Live Mathematics Masterclass for IGCSE and A-Level Students

Welcome to our exclusive live mathematics masterclass series, meticulously designed for IGCSE and A-level students aiming for A* grades. Our masterclasses, held every Friday and Sunday, are a fusion of expert guidance, strategic learning, and in-depth exploration of key topics in the IGCSE and A-level mathematics syllabi.

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Why Join Our Live Mathematics Masterclass?

Expert-Led Sessions:

The creator of My Maths Club, the subject specialist with extensive experience teaching IGCSE and A-level mathematics curricula, leads each lesson. She has a proven track record of achievement and a plethora of experience.


Strategic Learning:

We focus on effective strategies to master the curriculum. Our approach is tailored to navigating the complexities of IGCSE and A-level exams with confidence.

Comprehensive Coverage:

From algebra to calculus, we cover essential topics, ensuring a holistic understanding of the syllabus.

Interactive And Engaging:

Our masterclasses aren’t just lectures. They’re interactive sessions where students can ask questions, engage in problem-solving, and participate in discussions.

Resource-Rich Environment:

Students will have access to a plethora of resources, including past papers, custom study materials, and more.

IGCSE & A-level Maths tutor

Who conducts these masterclasses?

These exclusive masterclasses are conducted by Miss Maria Mehmood, the founder and lead educator at My Maths Club, is a distinguished figure in the world of mathematics education. She embarked on her journey as an educator in 2007, following her academic success in obtaining a master’s degree in Pure Mathematics from the University of Karachi, Pakistan, where she earned the honor of being among the top ten students across all science departments. With a strong academic foundation and a passion for mathematics, Miss Mehmood has dedicated over a decade to teaching, specializing in IGCSE and A-level mathematics. Her approach is not just about imparting knowledge; it’s about inspiring a love for mathematics in her students. Under her guidance, My Maths Club has become a beacon for students aspiring to excel in mathematics at the IGCSE and A-levels.

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