Past Papers and Marking Schemes Of Mathematics (IGCSE & A-levels)

Curious to solve past papers?

Just clearing concepts and attending lectures ain’t enough to score shining colors in exams. Solving maths past papers is indispensable to maintain a strong academic profile.

We have organized downloadable pdfs of May/June and October/November Maths past papers and marking schemes of IGCSE Extended Mathematics 0580, Additional Mathematics 0606, and CAIE A-levels Mathematics 9709 from the year 2014 to 2022 for our valuable learners, which is just a click far away.

Solving past papers will;

  • Boost up your confidence.
  • Eliminates exam-phobia.
  • Enhances your subject handling skills.
  • Polishes your blurry concepts.
  • Kills subject harassment.

Indeed, when all this happens your academic score will ultimately rise up.

Things aren’t achieved in hasty, you need to give quality time, dedication, and due attention to your goals with utmost honesty. So just kick out procrastination, gird up your energies and start building your future, success is indeed yours.

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May/June & October/November (2014-2022)

IGCSE Maths Past Papers

Extended Mathematics (0580)

May/June & October/November (2014-2022)

IGCSE Maths Past Papers (Optional Course)

Additional Mathematics (0606)


May/June & October/November (2014-2021)

A-Level Past Papers

A-levels Mathematics (9709)

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