A-levels Mathematics Formulae List (9709 Free Download)

Why you should Select Mathematics in A-levels?

Learning and understanding any new concept or skill demands adherence, devotion, continuity, and diligence. A-level Mathematics often sounds cumbersome to students which actually it isn’t, all you need is to pour yourself into topical theories and relative examples, apply concepts and formulas in the exercise questions, solve past papers and you are done, gradually you’ll be able to implement what you have learned in your practical life. Down below you can download the A-levels Mathematics formulae list for free, which would facilitate you in your studies.

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Cambridge International A Level Mathematics 9709 course develops a set of alignable skills. These include the skill of working with mathematical information, as well as the ability to exercise logically and independently, consider accuracy, model situations mathematically, and analyze results in multifarious professional fields. Learners can apply these skills in a wide range of subjects and can equip them well for progression to higher education or directly into employment. 

  • At AS level, students can choose from three different routes in the subjective course: Pure Mathematics only, Pure Mathematics and Mechanics, or Pure Mathematics and Probability & Statistics. 
  • At A Level, learners can also choose from different routes from the said course depending on the choice of Applied Mathematics (Mechanics and/or Probability and Statistics).

Download Formulae & Syllabus (2023-2025)

You can download the latest Syllabus of CAIE A-levels Mathematics (2023-2025) by clicking the tab below;

Though the list of formulas of Pure mathematics P1, P2 & P3, Mechanics P4 (M1), and Probability & Statistics (P5 & P6 or S1 & S2) along with normal distribution tables have been provided at the end of the syllabus file, but for your ease, we have maintained it as a separate document to make it handier for you. Click the tab below to download the A-levels Mathematics formulae list.

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