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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1) Which Mathematics curriculums are taught in “My Maths Club”?

K-10 to K-13 standards under CAIE board & Undergraduate Calculus I & II.

Q2) How you offer classes? Is it one-to-one or in the form of a group?

Classes are held in a cloud meeting, where students can freely ask their queries through text chat or by using a microphone during live lectures.

Q3) How come if I miss my live class due to any reason?

In such case students will be provided the class recording to the full length through email.

Q4) Does “My Maths Club” offer a free demo class?

We don’t offer demo sessions on an individual basis, we launch free live webinars that students can attend and if they get satisfied then they can make a contract with us. In case if they fail to attend our free live webinar then we can send them its recording so on that basis they can take joining decisions. Besides, we update them with our upcoming free live webinars schedules as well.

Q5) What if I need to ask any study-related question or so; apart from lecture timings?

No issue in that, students can discuss their queries through live chat or contact on Whatsapp number mentioned in the website header, they will surely be answered and made satisfied.

Q7) What accessories do students need for a live class?

All they need are a good and strong internet connection, good desktop or laptop computer, a notepad, pen, and calculator.

Q8) How many classes do you offer weekly?

We give two classes of 90 minutes each week to all standards, but based on circumstances if we find it crucial to amend the schedule we update students through our sharp emails, Whatsapp texts and website sliders.

Q9) How do I have to pay tuition fees, is it monthly or an hourly basis?

Though it is on an hourly basis, we collect total payment in the first week of the month.

Q10) Which online transaction services shall I use for payment?

Students have to pay the monthly payment at the beginning of every month through Payoneer  , PayPal, Credit, or Debit cards. Further, you can click here.

Q11) Which browser should I use for online lessons?

As we run cloud meetings, Google Chrome & Mozilla Firefox are equally best for all Windows, Mac & Linux users, but Mac users can use Safari and Linux ones can use Midori as well.

For further queries please feel free to contact 

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