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Pakistan Flood Relief Fund 2022

Pakistan is suffering from a heavy flood catastrophe that has devastated more than 60% of our territory, thousands have died and millions of people have lost their assets and accommodation. We request you to help our refugees with your donations


The harder you work for something, the greater you’ll feel when you achieve it.

Our Packages

“My Maths Club” offers following three packages with discounts that students can opt as per their demand. 

Extended Mathematics (0580)

 $120/month   $100/month

Limits & Continuity

Additional Mathematics

$120/month   $100/month

Additional Mathematics

Extended Mathematics (0580) & Additional Mathematics

 $240/month  $180/month


25% off

To those students who want to study both compulsory and additional Mathematics courses.

“Everything demands adherence, devotion, honesty, diligence and most of all loyalty, if you are loyal and determined to your aspirations then success is obvious.”

Maria Mehmood

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