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Welcome to My Maths Club, your most trusted portal offering online maths tuition Egypt program. We are an education-focused platform committed to providing group-based online maths tuition for IGCSE Maths 0580, Additional Maths 0606, and A-level Maths 9709. Our goal is to deliver quality and affordable online maths tuition that stimulates and accelerates learning for students at various levels.

Affordable Packages 

We cater to different academic needs and financial capacities with our affordable maths tuition packages. Enjoy two weekly classes, each spanning 1.5 hours, at a reasonable $90/month for IGCSE and $120-$200/month for A-level Maths. Start your journey towards academic excellence with our remote Mathematics lessons in Egypt today.

What Egyptian Students can study in our virtual maths learning Program?

Elevate your Grades with our IGCSE Maths 0580 Online Tuition

At My Maths Club, we understand students’ hurdles in conquering Maths. To bring about a substantial turnaround, we furnish tailored IGCSE Maths 0580 online group tuition, crafted by the finest tutor around. With us, you’re not just getting another math class; you’re signing up for a transformative learning journey. You won’t just learn, you’ll get enhanced.

Get Ahead with our Additional Maths 0606 Online Tuition

Struggling with Additional Mathematics? We’ve got you covered. Our Additional Maths 0606 online group tuition gives you access to comprehensive lectures and resource kits to support your learning curves and securely position you on the path to academic excellence. If you want to strengthen your additional mathematics concepts then you have come at the right spot.

Expert A-Level 9709 Online Tuition maths tuition in egypt

Our group-based A-level maths 9709 online tuition fosters collaborative learning. By connecting you with like-minded individuals, you find solutions collectively, enhancing understanding and retention. Our tutor guides you step by step, employing the best methods to help you score top marks, thus helping to build your confidence, problem-solving skills, and instilling a genuine passion for the subject.


Founder & Teacher

Maria Mehmood is a highly accomplished mathematics educator with a strong academic background and over 14 years of teaching experience. She earned her M.Sc in Pure Mathematics from the University of Karachi in 2004, securing the 1st class 3rd position with 85% aggregate. Her teaching expertise covers Differential and Integral Calculus, Analytic Geometry, Linear Algebra, and Vector Analysis.

Maria began her teaching career at Bahria College Karsaz, where she served as a mathematics lecturer for two years, focusing on pre-calculus and analytic geometry. Since 2012, she has been an online and regular tutor, guiding graduate and undergraduate students in mathematics courses. Maria is also the founder of My Maths Club, which she started in December 2019 to further enhance math education.

In addition to her teaching roles, Maria holds a Diploma in Digital Marketing & AI from the Institute of Digital Marketing Pakistan (IDM). Her dedication to teaching and her ability to simplify complex mathematical concepts have earned her a stellar reputation.

Maria’s passion for mathematics education, extensive teaching experience, and commitment to student success make her an outstanding educator in the field of mathematics.


IGCSE & A-level Maths tutor

Why Choose Our Online Maths tuition Egypt program?

Live Virtual Math Classes

Experience real-time learning with our interactive online classes taught by proficient tutors.

Free Trial Sessions

Are you new to our platform? Take advantage of our complimentary trial classes and experience our teaching methodology firsthand.

AI-powered Worksheets

Our Egypt online math programs for IGCSE and A-Level are designed to prepare you for exams. Our training guarantees you have the knowledge and abilities to succeed with AI-powered worksheets.

Course-specific Ebooks

We provide our students with free course ebooks to enrich their learning experience.

Topical Past Papers

Our students also get access to topical past papers which aid in extensive practice and understanding.

Recordings of live classes

Our online math tutoring offers lecture recordings, allowing students to revisit lessons at their convenience.

Benefits of Group based virtual maths classes for Egyptian students

  • Promotes interactive learning and group discussions.
  • Provides access to international teaching standards and materials.
  • A cost-effective solution saving travel time and expenses.
  • Allows instantaneous doubt resolution during live sessions.
  • Gives access to personalised lessons tailored to each student’s academic needs.
  • Connects students from diverse backgrounds fostering global perspective.
  • Familiarizes students with digital tools and technologies.
  • Encourages self-paced learning with recorded lessons for revision.
  • Ensures uninterrupted learning in a safe and familiar environment.

Online Maths Tuition Egypt: Whats Our Clients Say

My Maths Club has been a fulfilling experience for me. I was having trouble understanding a lot of different ideas as an IGCSE Mathematics student. My Maths Club’s online tutoring helped me fill in the gaps. Through interactive live classes, I was able to learn difficult mathematical concepts at my own pace. It was all because of my mentor Ms. Maria that I was able to obtain good grades. She made sure I succeeded by giving me much-needed support, in-depth instruction, and effective exam techniques. Anyone who is having trouble with maths should definitely check out My Maths Club.

Omar Khaled

Ex-IGCSE Student, Cairo, Egypt

Ahmed, my son, was receiving A-level mathematics tutoring from My Maths Club the previous year. His instruction was of an extremely high caliber, and the outcomes he attained were much beyond my expectations. Ahmed’s grade was A*. I think Ahmed’s attitude to mathematics was revolutionized by the Miss. Maria’s teaching method, which puts understanding above memorization. She identified Ahmed’s shortcomings and worked to strengthen them. My Maths Club has my sincere gratitude, and I heartily suggest this platform to other parents whose children are studying A-level Mathematics.

Layla Al-Sayed

Ex-Student's Mother, Alexandria, Egypt

I sincerely thank My Maths Club and Miss. Maria for their effective, thorough, and distinctive teaching methodology, which resulted in my exceptional grades. I am a former IGCSE Mathematics student currently enrolled in a university engineering program. My tutor Miss. Maria excelled at breaking down challenging mathematics issues into simpler ones. After each session, I could easily observe how much I had learned and improved my problem-solving abilities. I had no trouble using their online group tuition system. For those who are looking for an outstanding mathematics study environment with productive outcomes, I heartily recommend My Maths Club.

Youssef Abdullah

Ex-IGCSE Student, Giza, Egypt

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