Additional Mathematics by Sue Pemberton

Additional Mathematics by Sue Pemberton


Complete Cambridge IGCSE & O-levels Additional Mathematics 2nd edition written by Sue Pemberton.

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First published 2016
Second published 2019

This highly illustrated coursebook covers the Cambridge IGCSl^ and O Level Additional Mathematics syllabuses (0606 and 4037). The course is aimed at students who are currently studying or have previously studied Cambridge ICCS^ Mathematics (0580) or Cambridge O Level Mathematics (4024). Where the content in one chapter includes topics that should have already been covered in previous studies, a recap section has been provided so that students can build on their prior knowledge.

‘Class discussion’ sections have been included to provide students with the opportunity to discuss and learn new mathematical concepts with their classmates, with their class teacher acting as the facilitator. The aim of these class discussion sections is to improve the student’s reasoning and communication skills.

‘Challenge’ questions have been included at the end of most exercises to challenge and stretch high-ability students.

Towards the end of each chapter, there is a summary of the key concepts to help students consolidate what they have just learned. This is followed by a ‘Past paper’ questions section, which contains real questions taken from past examination papers.

Complete Cambridge IGCSE & O-levels Additional Mathematics closely follows the chapters and topics of the coursebook offering additional exercises to help students to consolidate concepts learned and to assess their learning after each chapter.

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