Probability & Statistics 1 By Dean Chalmers

Probability & Statistics 1 By Dean Chalmers


Dean Chalmers
Series Editor: Julian Gilbey
Cambridge International AS & A Level Mathematics:
Probability & Statistics 1 Coursebook

This series of Cambridge International AS & A Level Mathematics coursebooks, written for the Cambridge Assessment International Education syllabus for examination from 2020, will support you both to learn the mathematics required for these examinations and develop your mathematical problem-solving skills. The new examinations may well include more unfamiliar questions than in the past, and having these skills will allow you to approach such questions with curiosity and confidence.

In addition to problem-solving, there are two other key concepts that Cambridge Assessment International Education has introduced in this syllabus: namely communication and mathematical modeling. These appear in various forms throughout the coursebooks.

At various points in the books, there are also web links to relevant Underground Mathematics resources, which can be found on the free website. Underground Mathematics has the aim of producing engaging, rich materials for all students of Cambridge International AS & A Level Mathematics and similar qualifications. These high-quality resources have the potential to simultaneously develop your mathematical thinking skills and your fluency in techniques, so we do encourage you to make good use of them.


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