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The harder you work for something, the more you’ll feel when you achieve it. Work hard until the lamplight of your study table becomes the spotlight of the stage. Join our IGCSE Maths tuition 0580 & 0606 online batches to strengthen your understanding and achieve your best results.

IGCSE Maths Tuition: Extended Maths 0580 & Additional Maths 0606 Online Classes

“My Maths Club” offers following three packages with discounts that students can opt as per their demand.

Extended Mathematics (0580)

2 classes per week of 90 minutes each

$120/month   $90/month

Limits & Continuity

Additional Mathematics (0606)

2 classes per week of 90 minutes each

$120/month   $90/month

Additional Mathematics

Extended Mathematics (0580) & Additional Mathematics (0606)

2 classes per week of 90 minutes each

$240/month  $170/month

IGCSE Mathematics 0580 online Classes Time Table

IGCSE Maths classes online time table
IGCSE and A-level Mathematics

Unlock your full math potential with our dynamic IGCSE online maths tuition! Our expert tutors are dedicated to your success, conducting engaging live sessions that cater to your learning pace and style. Say goodbye to heavy textbooks – enrolled students receive exclusive access to free course ebooks that make learning interactive and enjoyable. Dive into our comprehensive collection of topicals and resources, meticulously designed to give you an edge in tackling any math challenge. Join us today to embark on a journey of mathematical growth, equipped with all the tools you need to conquer your IGCSE exams and achieve brilliance in mathematics. Your success story starts here!


To those students who want to study both compulsory and additional Mathematics courses.

“Everything demands adherence, devotion, honesty, diligence and most of all loyalty, if you are loyal and determined to your aspirations then success is obvious.”

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