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Unlock your full mathematical potential with the best online math lessons on Algebra, Trigonometry, Calculus, Analytic geometry, Linear Algebra, Business Maths etc. available through trusted platforms like Udemy, FutureLearn, Alison, Coursera, and more. Whether you’re a student seeking comprehensive mathematics courses with certifications or craving advanced math courses online, you’ll find tailored content to suit your needs. Dive into the world of math tutorials online, where expert instructors provide top-notch education, enabling you to excel academically and professionally. Elevate your skills and broaden your horizons with convenient online math education and mathematics e-learning. Your journey to mathematical mastery begins now, so enroll in these exceptional certificate courses and pave the way to a brighter future!

Best Online Maths Courses + Certifications (Algebra, Trigonometry & Geometry)

College Algebra, Pre-Calculus, & Trigonometry Explained


With our step-by-step video tutorials, you can master college algebra. Greater than 4500 practice questions! You’ll ace the algebra test!

Pre-Algebra, Geometry & Trigonometry Explained


Learn Pre-Algebra by practicing with 700 questions! Learn algebra, geometry, and trigonometry to get ready for high school math.

Algebra 1 Explained


Become an Algebra 1 master and ace your next exam! With our step-by-step tutorials, written lessons, 1000 practice sets, practice exams, and quizzes, you will grasp the fundamentals of Algebra 1.

Algebra 1 & Algebra 2 Explained


This 418-lesson course offers video and text explanations of all topics from algebra, as well as 120 quizzes (with solutions! ), 16 additional workbooks with more practice problems, and 120 quizzes overall.

Algebra, Functions & Graphs (IGCSE & GCSE)


This course covers crucial IGCSE and GCSE Math concepts, teaching you to solve complex problems, work with equations and functions, and handle data effectively.

Master in Linear Algebra


Take advantage of the power of linear algebra with this thorough course! In just a few weeks, master basic ideas, matrix operations, transformation, matrix vectors, and applications. Improve your math abilities right now!

Become a Linear Algebra Master


Master Linear Algebra: Comprehensive Course with 247 Lessons, 69 Quizzes, and 12 Workbooks – Topics Include Operations, Matrices, Vectors, Transformations, Inverses, Determinants, Transposes, Orthogonality, Eigenvalues, and Eigenvectors.

Linear Algebra with MATLAB & PYTHON


Learn essential linear algebra and matrix analysis, apply them in MATLAB and Python. Ideal for students, engineers, data scientists, AI enthusiasts, and computational scientists.

Linear Algebra & Geometry 1


With 363 downloadable resources, this course covers essential mathematical topics, starting with basic concepts, systems, matrices, vectors, and analytical geometry.

Linear Algebra & Geometry 2


Explore abstract vector spaces, linear transformations, orthogonality, and eigendecomposition in this advanced course. Its 355 downloadable resources will help you gain insights into linear algebra’s deeper aspects and their practical applications

Linear Algebra & Geometry 3


With 314 downloadable resources this course will guide you through topics such as eigendecomposition, inner product spaces, and symmetric matrices, providing you with the tools to tackle complex problems and explore the profound connections between algebraic structures and geometric phenomena.

Trigonometry - The Unit Circle, Angles, & Right Triangles


This trigonometry course, designed for high school and college students, covers angles, trig functions, right triangles, inverse functions, and advanced topics like double angle formulas and verifying identities. It offers comprehensive assistance for homework and test preparation.

Best Online Maths Courses + Certifications (Calculus & Analytic Geometry)

Calculus 1 Explained


Master Calculus 1 with a 292-lesson course that includes 600+ practice questions. Get video and text explanations, 76 quizzes with solutions, and 19 workbooks for extra practice. Topics covered include Limits and continuity, Derivatives, and Applications of Derivatives.

Calculus 2 Explained


Achieve mastery in Calculus 2 with a 557-lesson course featuring 830+ practice questions. Access video and text explanations, along with 180 quizzes (including solutions) and 20 workbooks for added practice. The curriculum covers Integrals, Applications of Integrals, Polar & Parametric, and Sequences & Series.

Calculus 3 (Multivariate) Explained


Attain expertise in Calculus 3 through a 526-lesson course, featuring 780+ practice questions, video and text explanations, 161 quizzes with solutions, and 40 supplemental workbooks for added practice. Topics encompass Partial Derivatives, Multiple Integrals, and Vectors.

Applied Calculus in Engineering: Complete


This course offers a strong foundation in Calculus and its engineering applications, including control systems. Topics covered include single-variable and multivariable functions, derivatives, integrals, vectors, and differential equations. It’s a crucial investment for those pursuing engineering and science disciplines.

Applications of Calculus


Explore practical calculus applications in STEM through a three-week course guided by experts from top institutions. Enhance your understanding of advanced mathematics and its real-world relevance in fields like video game design and rocket science.

Precalculus: the Mathematics of Numbers, Functions and Equations


This University of Padova precalculus course provides essential mathematical skills for calculus preparation, covering numbers, functions, algebra, equations, and inequalities. It’s a foundational step for college-level studies and practical math proficiency.

Master in Analytic Geometry


This high school math course explores Two-Dimensional Geometry, specifically Coordinate Geometry, in detail. Designed for underage students, it offers 71 lectures, totaling 10 hours of video content, divided into 7 sessions, with parental purchase and supervision.

Advanced Precalculus: Geometry, Trigonometry and Exponentials


The University of Padova’s second precalculus course advances mathematical skills for a first calculus course. It covers plane and solid geometry, logarithms, exponentials, trigonometric functions, and inequalities. This course equips you with further mathematical studies.

Maths Bridging Course - Algebra, Trigonometry and Calculus


This comprehensive Maths Bridging Course covers Number, Algebra, Trigonometry, Precalculus, and Calculus. It readies you for university-level studies with tutorial videos and assessments. From foundational concepts to advanced topics, it equips you for academic and career success.

Business Calculus: Learn with Mnemonics


Master business calculus effortlessly with mnemonic techniques in the #1 online business calculus course. This specially tailored program simplifies complex concepts, offers step-by-step problem-solving, provides practice exercises, and shares mnemonic tricks for easy recall. 

Learn Differential Equations from Scratch


Achieve mastery in Differential Equations with this 260-lesson course. It includes 680+ practice questions, comprehensive video and text explanations, 76 quizzes (with solutions), and 9 extra practice workbooks. Topics covered range from first and second-order equations to Laplace transforms, Fourier series, and partial differential equations.

Partial Differential Equations: Comprehensive Course


Explore the power of Fourier magic! This course conquers PDEs with Fourier Transform, Series, and separation of variables. In three parts, it’s your path to PDE mastery. Plus, unlock the math behind quantum mysteries with a bonus on the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle. Prerequisite: Calculus and Multivariable Calculus.

Best Online Maths Courses + Certifications (Mathematical Statistics)

Probability & Statistics


This 163 lessons course covers key topics in probability and statistics, including data visualization, analysis, distributions, probability theory, random variables, sampling, hypothesis testing, and regression. With video and text explanations, 45 quizzes with solutions, and 8 workbooks for practice, it’s a comprehensive resource for mastering these fundamental concepts.”

Probability and Statistics - Practice Tests and Solutions


Master Probability, Statistics, and Data Analysis with our course! Featuring 100+ questions and video solutions, it covers Descriptive Statistics, Data Visualization, Probability, Distributions (Normal, Binomial, Poisson), Hypothesis Testing, and ANOVA. Join 1,000+ satisfied students and boost your skills today!

Workshop in Probability and Statistics


This workshop offers essential statistics knowledge for students and business professionals seeking a solid grasp of probability and statistics concepts.

Introduction to Probability and Statistics


This college-level Statistics I course covers data types, descriptive statistics, probability, discrete and continuous probability distributions, the central limit theorem, confidence intervals, and hypothesis testing. Ideal for college and high school students preparing for introductory statistics or AP courses.

Essential Statistics for Data Analysis


Discover statistics through practical projects in this hands-on course. Learn essential concepts for data analysis and business intelligence using tools like Microsoft Excel. Cover descriptive stats, probability distributions, hypothesis testing, and regression analysis. Apply your skills to real-world projects.

Teaching Mathematics: Demystifying Statistics and Probability


Join the University of Southern Queensland, Australia, to enhance your teaching of statistics and probability in secondary school. This three-week course equips educators with practical tools and strategies, perfect for new and experienced teachers alike. Elevate your teaching career today!

Best Online Maths Courses + Certifications (Data Sciences & Machine Learning)

Essential Mathematics for Data Science and Machine Learning: Using R


This 4 weeks course provides essential mathematical foundations for machine learning and AI. It covers algebra, differential calculus, linear algebra, and statistics. Not a full math curriculum, but equips you with key concepts for data analytics.

Applied Data Analysis


This 14-week ExpertTrack offers comprehensive instruction in applied data analysis, covering descriptive statistics and tools like Excel and Power BI. Explore data analysis fundamentals, including statistics and probability, and learn to apply these skills in real-world contexts. Gain expertise from CloudSwyft, a top Learning-as-a-Service platform provider, to enhance your career in data analysis.

Mathematics for Data Science: Essential Mathematics for Machine Learning and AI


Learn key math skills for AI: Linear Algebra (vectors, matrices), Calculus (derivatives), Probability (distributions), vital for modeling, optimization, and data analysis. This 4-week long course covers algebra, calculus, vectors, matrices, and probability basics.

Linear Algebra for Data Science & Machine Learning


This course offers comprehensive Linear Algebra knowledge essential for Data Science, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning. It caters to data scientists, machine learning practitioners, and those seeking a solid mathematical foundation. Ideal for students and professionals transitioning into data science roles.

Calculus for Data Science - Machine Learning - Deep Learning


This calculus course is tailored for Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Data Science, and AI, progressing from foundational functions to crucial concepts for modeling. Ideal for data scientists, ML practitioners, and those aspiring to excel in Math for AI applications.

Complete Data Science Bootcamp


This comprehensive data science training program encompasses mathematics, statistics, Python, advanced statistics, and machine & deep learning. It equips learners with essential skills for data analysis and modeling.

Mathematical Foundations of Machine Learning


Mathematical Foundations of Machine Learning is a comprehensive course that teaches linear algebra and calculus with hands-on Python code demos and exercises, essential for data scientists and machine learning practitioners.

Machine Learning A-Z™: AI, Python & R + ChatGPT Bonus [2023]


Machine Learning A-Z is a comprehensive course that teaches machine learning algorithms in Python and R. It covers a wide range of topics, including regression, classification, clustering, natural language processing, and deep learning. The course is designed for both beginners and intermediate learners.

Artificial Intelligence A-Z™ 2023: Build an AI with ChatGPT4


Artificial Intelligence A-Z™: Learn How To Build An AI is a comprehensive course that teaches you how to build self-improving AI for a range of purposes, without any previous coding experience. It includes code templates, intuition tutorials, real-world solutions, and in-course support.

Complete Math, Statistics & Probability for Machine Learning


Complete Mathematics, Probability & Statistics for Data Science teaches you the essential math, probability, and statistics concepts for machine learning, data science, and business analytics. It covers a wide range of topics, including sets, combinatorics, probability, statistics, linear algebra, and calculus.

Math 0-1: Calculus for Data Science & Machine Learning


This course is for those who want to learn calculus for machine learning and data science. It covers the essentials of Calculus 1, 2, and 3, as well as machine learning-focused material. The course is taught in a practical and impactful way, with a focus on directly applicable skills.

Mastering Cloud Computing for AI: How to Use Microsoft Azure


This Expertrack course teaches you the essentials of cloud computing on Microsoft Azure, including general cloud computing concepts, models, and services. The course covers a wide range of topics, including infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), platform-as-a-service (PaaS), and software-as-a-service (SaaS), as well as Azure’s core solutions and pillar services.


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