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This free videos series will surely help you in gaining deep acquaintance with core concepts of Pure Mathematics, Mechanics, and Statistics sections of CAIE A-levels Mathematics (9709) curriculum, each video carries adequate solved problems relative to the topic sufficient enough to enable you to understand what you are studying and why you are studying. So let’s get started

I am highly grateful to MY MATHS CLUB! I hope to be able to continue using it for my son’s A-levels Mathematics 2nd year as well. The lectures are delivered quite briefly which has boosted my son’s confidence and enabled him to elevate his academic score last year.  I most definitely recommend My Maths Club as one of the best options for online education.

Al-Daler (Father)

Software Engineer, Abuja Nigeria

My daughter is in the final year of IGCSE and she is really enjoying attending sessions, her confidence has grown and it has benefited her concentration skills immensely.  Her teachers at school have also noticed these improvements. I am immensely thankful to My Maths Club’s tutor Maria.

Rachael Jones, Parent

Digital Marketing Expert, Ottawa Canada

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