Calculus for Business and Economics by Hoffmann & Bradley

Calculus for Business and Economics by Hoffmann & Bradley


Tenth edition of Calculus for Business, Economics, Social & Life Sciences written by Laurence D. Hoffmann and Gerald L. Bradley.

Calculus for Business, Economics, and the Social and Life Sciences, Brief Edition, provides a sound, intuitive understanding of the basic concepts students need as they pursue careers in business, economics, and the life and social sciences. Students achieve success using this text as a result of the author’s applied and real-world orientation to concepts, problem-solving approach, straightforward and concise writing style, and comprehensive exercise sets. More than 100,000 students worldwide have studied from this text!

Every section in the text underwent careful analysis and extensive review to ensure the most beneficial and clear presentation. Additional steps and definition boxes were added when necessary for greater clarity and precision, and discussions and introductions were added or rewritten as needed to improve the presentation.

Almost 300 new routine and application exercises have been added to the already extensive problem sets. A wealth of new applied problems has been added to help demonstrate the practicality of the material. These new problems come from many fields of study, but in particular more applications focused on economics have been added. Exercise sets have been rearranged so that odd and even routine exercises are paired and the applied portion of each set begins with business and economics questions.

ALEKS Prep delivers students the individualized instruction needed in the first weeks of class to help them master core concepts, they should have learned prior to entering their present course, freeing up lecture time for instructors and helping more students succeed.

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