International Mathematics for IGCSE by David Rayner

International Mathematics for IGCSE by David Rayner


Complete International Mathematics for Cambridge IGCSE

(0607) written by David Rayner & Jim Fensom.

About IGCSE International Mathematics

This book has been written to cover the Cambridge IGCSE International Mathematics (0607) course. and is fully aligned to the syllabus. In addition to the main curriculum content. you will find:

• Two chapters devoted entirely to investigations and mathematical modeling, which will help you develop fundamental techniques for solving problems and open-minnded questions.
• Comprehensive support for the use of a graphic display calculator, an integral pan of the course. Chapter 1 will show you the basic skills you need to kart’. and there are examples throughout the rest of the book of how to put these into practice.

Throughout the book. you will encounter worked examples and a host of rigorous exercises. The examples show you the important techniques required to tackle quest Ions. ‘the exercises are carefully graded. starting from a bask level and going up to exam standard, allowing you plenty of opportunities to practice your skills. Together. the examples and exercises put maths in a real-world context. with a truly international focus.

At the start of each chapter. you will see a list of objectives that are covered in that chapter. These objectives are drawn from the Cambridge IGCSE syllabus.

About the authors David Rayner & Jim Fensom

David Rayner Is a highly experienced author. He has taught and examined mathematics fin over thirty years and has published a number of leading textbooks on the subject.
Jim Fensom has many years of experience teaching and examining mathematics at the secondary level. He is currently a Mathematics Coordinator at Nexus International School in Singapore. Special thanks to James Nicholson for his contribution to the resources on the support website.

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