Pure Mathematics 2 & 3 by Sophie Goldie

Pure Mathematics 2 & 3 by Sophie Goldie


Complete Pure Mathematics 2 & 3 by Sophie Goldie

Pure Mathematics 2 & 3 for A-levels Mathematics 9709 endorsed by University of Cambridge International Examinations

This is part of a series of books for the University of Cambridge International Examinations syllabus for Cambridge International AS and A Level Mathematics 9709. It follows on from Pure Mathematics 1 and completes the pure mathematics required for AS and A levels. The series also contains a book for each of the mechanics and statistics.

These books are based on the highly successful series for Mathematics in Education and Industry (MEI) syllabus in the UK but they have been redesigned for Cambridge international students; where appropriate, new material has been
written and the exercises contain many past Cambridge examination questions. An overview of the units making up the Cambridge international syllabus is given in the diagram on the next page.

Throughout the series, the emphasis is on understanding mathematics as well as routine calculations. The various exercises provide plenty of scopes for practicing basic techniques; they also contain many typical examinations

An important feature of this series is the electronic support. There is an accompanying disc containing two types of Personal Tutor presentations: examination-style questions, in which the solutions are written out, step by step,
with an accompanying verbal explanation, and test-yourself questions; these are multiple-choice with explanations of the mistakes that lead to the wrong answers as well as full solutions for the correct ones. In addition, extensive online support is available via the MEI website, www.mei.org.uk.

The book Pure Mathematics 2 & 3 for A-levels is written on the assumption that students have covered and understood the work in the Cambridge IGCSE® syllabus. However, some of the early material is designed to provide an overlap and this is designated ‘Background’. There are also places where the books show how the ideas can be taken further or where fundamental underpinning work is explored and such work is marked as ‘Extension’.

The original MEI author team would like to thank Sophie Goldie who has carried out the extensive task of presenting their work in a suitable form for Cambridge international students and for her many original contributions. They would also like to thank the University of Cambridge International Examinations for their detailed advice in preparing the books and for permission to use many past examination questions.

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