Mathematics is one of the most stunning, mysterious, and exquisite beauties, a subject without which the cosmological movements can never be well understood, a subject that covers all aspects of life from infinitesimal to infinite. You’ll find mathematics everywhere, whether it’s physics or chemistry, microbiology or pharmacokinetics, statistics or economics, banking or accounting, numerology or astrology, space sciences or engineering, architecture, or interior design. So gaining expertise in this subject, at least at the academic level, is mandatory. Nowadays, the trend of online maths tuition (including other subjects) has expanded quite far. Students, along with taking offline classes in schools, colleges, and universities, chiefly join online classes too for a richer and deeper understanding of the subject.

Online maths tuition service is a great facility for those countries where home math tutors are not easily available or take heavy service charges, e.g., Middle Eastern and Southeast Asian regions. Online education is indeed a blessing for the learners of those far-distant terrains (especially rural areas) who either don’t hold qualitative academic institutes or, if they do, don’t provide standardized educational ambiance and other relative facilities. So through online education setup, students can get registered on any reliable and affordable virtual platform and groom their institutional learning; all they need is a strong internet connection and a smart workstation (computer or laptop).

There are dozens of websites that provide online tuition facilities for mathematics but being an online educationist and said subject specialist I have found very few domains that fulfill the credibility criteria and provide refined online classes for mathematics with all relevant accessories and protocols along with a trustworthy money-back guarantee. So here you go some information about them:

Best 7 websites for online Mathematics tuition in 2024

1) My Maths Club

Online maths tuition service: My Maths Club

My Maths Club is an online maths tuition service website founded in 2019 by Maria Mehmood, a passionate and diligent mathematics educationist. Unlike other online education websites, the tutoring services of My Maths Club solely revolve around mathematical studies; presently, it provides online live classes for IGCSE, O-levels, A-levels, and undergraduate mathematics courses. Classes are conducted on GOTO meeting software in the form of small cyber groups where the credentials of students are kept confidential. Through smart mathematical 2D & 3D software like Minitab, Runiter, and Desmos graphing calculators, students are made to understand mathematics concepts in a much more satisfying and appealing way. All courses follow the same schedule of two classes per week of 90 minutes each. Students are offered an hour-long demo session in which they can discuss the topic of their choice with the teacher, which would help them decide whether to join or not.

The reason for organizing live sessions in groups is to provide more subject enrichment to students. Unlike one-to-one classes, students get exposure to more problematic subject-related queries shared by their group mates, which enhances their knowledge and conceptual awareness. Besides, students will also be provided with class recordings so they can easily listen to the lectures in case they miss or skip the class due to any reason. Also through categorized WhatsApp groups students and parents can interact with the teacher at all times of need. My Maths Club also facilitates its students with course eBooks and topical past papers for free (which is paid for random website visitors), as useful resources beyond doubt help a lot to firm their feet on the vast mathematical terrain. My Maths Club uploads its lectures on its YouTube channel as well, but for a brief and full-fledged syllabus coverage, students have to book course packages.

IGCSE & O-level MathematicsA-levels MathematicsUndergraduate Calculus 1 & 2
Discounted rate $90/month
Discounted rate $120/month
Discounted rate $220/month
2 classes/week of 1.5 hrs each2 classes/week of 1.5 hrs each2 classes/week of 1.5 hrs each

Payment plans are quite reasonable at My Maths Club with a 30% monthly discount fully protected with a 100% money-back guarantee. If students are not satisfied with its tuition service over the next 10 days of joining, then they can claim a full refund, but after 10 days the amount shall be 50% refundable. This money-back guarantee is applied to every month of scheduled courses in MMC’s pricing model.

Founder: Maria Mehmood

(Cost $10 to $20 per hour + 1-hour free session)

2) Chegg

Assignment help Chegg

Students confront maths problems 24/7 around the globe, so keeping this point in mind Chegg has designed an online math tutoring service to offer support day and night. Students can find mathematics experts to provide them with solutions to their queries and assignments whenever they log in to Chegg’s platform. You can search through a huge number of homework problems on this website or upload a photo and ask an expert for help with a particular question.

Not only this, Chegg provides an online equation solver. This function allows students to enter math expressions and get explanations for every step to the end, and even break down each step further. The site also offers a graphing calculator. Chegg starts its payment plans with $15 for a monthly subscription to Chegg Study, where learners can get access to textbook solutions, video explanations, worksheets, and online maths tutors. But if you need a graphing calculator and the aforementioned Math Solver, which provides unlimited solutions with exhaustive explanations of tough questions, then you have to pay $10 more for this.

Chegg is a good choice for students who prefer self-study, have other commitments during the day, or have undefined learning routines.

Founders: Osman Rashid,  Josh Carlson,  Aayush Phumbhra

(Cost $15 to $96 per hour)

3) Khan Academy

Free online lectures Khan academy

Khan Academy is a non-profit educational platform that educates students through its well-precise free video lectures, practice exercises, and other related materials. Since 2008 to the present, Khan Academy has produced more than 8000 free video lectures on multifarious academic subjects including mathematics. Its content on academic mathematics is beyond doubt very classy, fulfilling the needs for online maths tuition without any cost.

The videos exhibit recordings of mathematical topics on an electronic blackboard, and the teacher or narrator explains the questions. Khan Academy has been criticized because its creator, Sal Khan, lacks a formal background or qualifications in pedagogy. Explanations made in certain mathematics and physics videos have been questioned on their technical accuracy. In response to these criticisms, the academy has corrected errors in its videos, expanded its faculty, and formed a network of over 200 content experts.

Founder: Salman Khan

(Cost: Free)

4) Yup

YUP online maths tuition website

If a student is stuck on homework, up late studying, or striving to learn a concept, and searching for genuine online maths tuition then they should use the Yup Math Tutoring App to get 24/7 help from expert tutors. Formerly known as MathCrunch, this mobile-first tutoring service originally helped students find personal Math tutors. In 2016, it changed its name to Yup.

Yup is one of the genuine online tutoring sites, letting students avail of one-on-one live tutoring service using their smartphones through instant messaging service. As per its performance and day-to-day upgradation, it won’t be wrong if I say that its rating will escalate in 2023 for sure. On the Yup App, students simply have to take snapshots of a graph or an equation, and the AI technology the site can figure out the question students are referring to. Learners can seek help from online experts in their homework and assignments. All tutoring sessions are made available to view in the Yup Family Portal, so you can review your child’s progress

Finding high-quality math tutoring at a reasonable price is a challenge. In-person tutoring can easily add up to hundreds of dollars per month, and that’s only for two hour-long sessions per week. Yup plans start at just $87 per month, and every plan guarantees unlimited access to teaching from expert tutors.

Founder: Naguib S. Sawiris

(Cost: $87 per month)

5) Tutopiya

Tutopiya live online tuition

Tutopiya is a Singaporean Online Tutoring platform for students aged 7 to 19 that offers both international and local Singapore curriculums. Aiming to make individual home tuition affordable and convenient, Tutopiya provides a free introductory individual 60-minute demo session for every student who signs up so they can experience the technology and teaching. Tutopiya provides highly advanced virtual classrooms that have been developed to meet specific requirements that provide consistently high teaching standards. All lessons are recorded for students’ revision, parental monitoring, and for tutors’ self-review.

Currently, this website is operating in eight markets including Singapore, China, UAE, Australia, and the United States. Tutopiya’s rates are between $15-$45 per lesson providing students great flexibility to select lesson frequency and period of their choice. The packages that it offers;

Weekly packages
IGCSE/IB Mathematics
Flexible packages
IGCSE/IB Mathematics
USD 18 per hour for a 12-weeks
USD 16 per hour for a 24-weeks
USD 14 per hour for a 48-weeks
USD 20 per hour for 15 hours package
USD 18 per hour for 30 hours
USD 17 per hour for 60+ hours
USD 16 per hour for 120+ hours

By providing services that tuition centers and home tutors don’t provide, Tutopiya has a unique proposition for 30-minute regular lessons ideal for homework help and practice which fortifies students’ concepts.

Founder: Nuha Ghouse

(Cost: $14-$20 per hour)

6) Preply

preply online maths tutors

Preply is a USA-based online tuition website, whose reliability has been endorsed by Forbes, The Edvocate, and Tech Crunch, primarily, Preply provides linguistics learning to individuals and corporates but that’s not all, presently this virtual platform provides online tuition for over 100 different subjects including Mathematics, it holds almost 1000+ maths teachers from 58 different countries who are highly capable in providing standardized online maths tuition using latest e-learning tools and techniques.

Its interactive classrooms, convenient payment methods, and flexible schedules facilitate students to learn and accomplish their academic goals under the smart, qualified, and experienced supervision of competent teachers. Students can select tutors based on the compatibility of timings and rates. Tutors are supposed to charge an hour-long lesson from $10 to $50. Most math teachers on Preply have a university degree in this subject. You can see information regarding the institutions they have graduated from on their profiles.

On Preply, one can get help with math online irrespective of his/her age or current level. You can find online math tutors for adults, high-school or middle-school students, kids in elementary school, and more. Whether you’re preparing for your exams, need help with your math homework, or want to discuss a specific area of math that you can’t wrap your head around, you can choose from 1066 online math tutors to guide you through it.

On Preply, trial lessons last 1 hour. You will see the tutors’ schedule in your local time zone, select the teacher suitable to your time zone and affordable by your pocket, contact him/her, and inform the topic that you need to learn in a trial class. If students decide to continue after the trial class then they can book the subjective tutor’s service. Available payment options are Visa/MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and PayPal. You can also pay via Apple Pay with supported devices. It’s safe to pay on Preply and if you’re not happy with the tutor’s lesson, you can claim to refund your money or give you a free tutor replacement.

CEO & Co-Founders: Kirill Bigai, Serge Lukianov & Dmytro Voloshyn

(Cost: $10-$50 per hour)

7) Maths & Physics Tutor

maths physics resources

Physic-Maths-Tutor is a non-profit education platform for students and teachers. It creates free tools and resources to help GCSE and A-level students pass their exams and navigate their path through education.

This UK-based project began in 2014 when its founder Görkem Cavalli was working as a maths and physics tutor while studying at university. After his graduation, he launched the Physics & Maths Tutor website to share his revision materials and past paper solutions with his students. As the word spread, he started hiring other like-minded resource creators and tutors to expand the range of subjects and started offering revision courses. PMT Education was established as a non-profit organization in 2019. Today, PMT Education is used across UK schools and recommended by teachers as a trusted resource for their students.

Students can trace crash courses, mock preparation courses, exam technique courses, refresher courses, and half-term recap courses in Maths, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Economics & Geography leading to curriculums managed by AQA, OCR (A), and Edexcel (A) A-level, AQA and Edexcel GCSE (9-1), and Edexcel IGCSE. If you have found a course you like, scroll to the bottom of the course page until you get to ‘Dates & Bookings’ or click the “Book Now” button. Select the class you would like to book, payment can be made by debit or credit card.

PMT provides free revision resources for GCSE and A-level students that are in the form of notes, flashcards, mind maps, and videos, which is indeed quite ample for exam preparation. It also provides lots of resources aimed at helping students get into higher education, from helping with UCAS applications to resources for university entrance exams including the PAT, MAT, UCAT, BMAT, NSAA, and ENGAA. You can find its resources on or TES.

Founder: Görkem Cavalli


Those online maths tuition websites that adopt inter-mutual technology, and concentrate on teaching quality and customer support will be the ones that will win the global competition for the online Math tutoring market in the year 2023. The aforementioned online learning platforms include educational websites that have been around for years like Khan Academy, Chegg, PMT, and Preply as well as the most promising and committed educational startups like My Maths Club & Tutopiya. We suggest you opt for the trial classes and then, decide which site can offer you the best online help in Math.

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Q1: Are online mathematics tuition websites effective?
Ans: Online math tutoring is more successful than in-person tutoring, as while teaching online a Maths teacher can conveniently avail graphing and other relative software to explain various typical concepts in a highly easygoing way. Visual assistance helps students get the concepts swiftly and deep-rootedly. However the success of online math tutoring depends not only on the tutor’s teaching skills but also on the concentration and diligence of the learner.

Q2: How much do online mathematics tuition websites cost?
Ans: The cost of online mathematics tuition websites may vary depending on the website commission rate and tutors’ service charges. Some platforms ask students to pay per hourly session, whereas some facilitate them to pay a monthly fee after finalizing to total hours of tutoring each month. Usually, online math tutoring costs from $20 to $100 per hour.

Q3: How do I choose the right online math tuition website?
Ans: When choosing an online math tuition website, consider factors such as the lecture quality, qualification and experience of the tutor, the pricing and payment options, the availability of scheduling, and the platform’s user-friendliness and features.

Q4: Who can benefit from online math tuition?
Ans: Students of all ages and ability levels who are having difficulty with maths, want to raise their maths scores, or require additional assistance to get ready for exams or tests can benefit from online maths instruction.

Q5: How long are online math tuition sessions?
Ans: Online math tuition sessions can vary in length, but they are typically between 30 to 90 minutes.

Q6: Is online math tuition available 24/7?
Ans: Not all online math tuition websites offer 24/7 availability, but some do offer flexible scheduling options to accommodate different time zones and schedules.

Q7: How do I pay for online math tuition?
Ans: Payment methods for online math tuition may vary depending on the website, but most accept credit card payments, Payoneer or PayPal.

Q8: Can I cancel or reschedule an online math tuition session?
Ans: Most online math tuition websites have cancellation and rescheduling policies, which may vary depending on the website and the tutor.

Q9: Can online math tuition help me improve my math skills quickly?
Ans: Although online math instruction can be very beneficial for enhancing math abilities, the rate of development may vary based on the student’s starting point, the difficulty of the material, and other elements.

Q10: How many sessions of online math tuition do I need to take to see results?
Ans: The number of sessions needed to see results may vary depending on the student’s IQ, his conceptual approach, and the complexity of the subject. However, most online math tuition websites recommend taking regular sessions to see consistent improvement.

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